Batch Process command vanishes from context menu

I sometimes use the Batch Process command to remove tags from selections of items. It works great, a huge time-saver!

BUT … for some reason it appears and disappears from the context menu (right-click). Sometimes when I select some items, I can right-click and choose “Batch process…” while other times this command is absent from this menu. In all cases I can access the command from the Tools menu, and it works fine.

This appears to happen when the selected items consists only of one or more bookmarks (".webloc" files), but why the command should vanish in this case (but remain active in the Tools menu) is unclear … and certainly confusing.

Thanks for the report!
I’m not seeing this behavior when selecting only bookmarks… or mixed selections either.

What version of macOS and operating system are you running?

Which view did you use?

This is on macOS 12.4 and DEVONthink 3.8.3. I just checked the behavior, and it’s still there. I’ve checked it in List and Column views and various other view combinations, and it’s always the same. Note that, as I mentioned, Batch Process is still available (and works) from the Tools menu, it just vanishes from the right-click context menu. I’ve searched all-over the Preferences to see if there is anything I could have changed, but I can’t find anything relating to Bookmarks or Batch Process that would trigger this (though that doesnt mean its not there, of course).

I’ve attached two screen shots showing selecting items and right-clicking. In one case, I select only two bookmarks (.webloc files), in the other I add an RTF file to the selection. Notice “Apply Rules” is always present but both “Classify” and “Batch Process…” disappear when only bookmarks are selected.

Thank you, I was able to reproduce and fix the issue.

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