Batch reformat, formatted notes

Looking for help to batch reformat (font and font size), formatted notes.

I migrated from Evernote to Apple Notes and recently to Devonthink3. This migration has produced wildly different formatting in terms of font and font size.

Is there a simple method for cleaning up these notes?

Thank you

Gosh, but that an unwanted issue!

I’m unaware of that capability in DEVONthink, but maybe. Others can comment.

I guess if I had that problem, I would copy all the malformed documents into RTF files. Use Microsoft Word (or some other editor that can handle RTF and be programmable) to write some macros (could be simple or complex?) in Word to process them all in a big loop, or one at a time. When done, re-import them to DEVONthink database.

To be successful, of course, you’ll have to know the pattern of changes to enable writing the process to do.

Or in DEVONthink, convert them all to Plain Text and give up having formatted documents (my favourite approach as I try to avoid too much formatting when really not needed).

DEVONthink basically just imports what Evernote can export, it doesn’t process the files on its own. One possibility might be to use a plain text editor (e.g. BBEdit) supporting batch processing.

Convert to plain text ?

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Thanks everyone for your input. It seems like converting to plain text is a common theme.

What happens the formatted notes that contain images when converting to plain text?

Also, for additional context, the formatted notes in Devonthink, were imported from Apple Notes, if that makes a difference.

Thank you

What happened when you tried?

And as @cgrunenberg says, DEVONthink doesn’t process (meaning change) the files.

Welcome @mp11120

Cleaning up how?
Specifics, please.

When I convert notes to plain text or markdown, I lose images and tables.

By clean-up, I mean all notes are uniformly formatted and easy to read on the Mac and IPad. I guess for me, the perfect note has all 14pt Helvetica font, the Header is bold, all body emphasis formatting (bold, underline, italics, spacing) remains intact, images remain intact and inline, and tables remain intact and inline. Is there any way to achieve this without opening 1,000 notes individually to reformat?

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Please export and attach an .ENEX file from Evernote, the formatted note from DEVONthink’s import, and a screen capture of the note in Evernote.


To clarify, I was originally an Evernote user which is where most of my notes originated. I later moved all notes to Apple Notes and recently imported the Apple Notes into Devonthink. I no longer have the original notes, in Evernote format.

As a new Devonthink user, the purpose of my post was to see if someone new an easy way (method, template, script, css, etc.) to achieve consistent formatting (mainly, font and font size) across all my notes. Some of the inconsistency started with the move from Evernote to Apple Notes and some occurred with the move from Apple Notes to Devonthink.

Thank you

No worries.

In this case, you can set the font in Preferences > Web > Standard Font and the notes from Apple Notes will show in that font.

Thank you

That seems to working for some but not all notes. Is there a script or is it possible to create one that opens a note, selects all, and applies a font and size format and then closes the note. If yes, could you point me in the right direction.

Thanks again for all your help.

You’re welcome.

It may be possible but I have no examples to go by. Please start a ticket as noted above and attach a file or two that didn’t work as expected. Thanks.

Just initiated a support ticket, per your recommendation.

Thank you