Batch saving of PDF's?

I need to convert a whole bunch (1500 or so) html pages in DT to PDF files. The Print/Save as PDF works great individually but I was wondering if there was any way to do them as a batch. I know I can use a macro program to do it ouside of DT but how can I do that inside given that my scripting abilities are pretty poor.

I know this was asked once before in a previous post but with no answer:

“Is there any script available that allows a batch process for converting the database content from HTML to PDF?” … ight=batch

Comment: If still using Tiger, you will want to wait until you move to Leopard to process HTML to PDF.

At last, “printing” to PDF captures working hyperlinks in the resulting PDF.


wow…thats incredible and will probably mean I will start archiving websites in pdf format.

However, I still need to do what I said and sooner than I will be switching to Leopard. Can you help?

I’ll punt to the scripting types. Any volunteers?

Please help somebody…I am willing to try and modify an existing script but I can’t find the right commands for what I want to do.

Sorry for the late reply, but if you have DEVONagent you can use Automator to tackle your problem. If not it may be worth purchasing or at least try it in demo mode. Contact me through a private message and I can send you an example workflow (it’s quite easy if the HTML files are records in your database).