Be careful: ScanSnap and macOS Sierra problem

Just found this mentioned in a German blog (thanks, Caschy):

Thank you for the warning. The caution to “before upgrading your OS to macOS Sierra, please be sure to make a backup copy of the PDF files created by using ScanSnap applications.” is curious. It certainly cannot mean what it says literally: backup every scan ever made with a ScanSnap? If that’s the danger, then uninstalling ScanSnap before upgrading macOS might be the better advice.

When a major supplier doesn’t bother to take the time to make their Mac products compatible with the annual macOS upgrades before the upgrade is published in the final release, then one wonders if that supplier can be trusted otherwise.

I do not understand the problem in detail but I have a lot of ScanSnap pdf-documents in DT.

If I understand the posting correctly, only new scanned (under Mac OS Sierrra) documents are critical; older documents should not be involved


At this point, I don’t know that anyone knows exactly what the warning means. It sounds very dire, perhaps more than intended… perhaps not.

If nothing else, it is a good reminder that everyone - regardless of this situation - should be observing proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar application) and local external drives. And not just when it feels convenient, but consistently.
Your data will thank you. :smiley: