Be careful with re-imports via thePinboard script

When you use DEVONthink’s Pinboard import script be aware of the following quirk:

Say, you have done a Pinboard import via the script, and you are very happy that DEVONthink now contains all your treasured bookmarks - even with tags, correct date and more!

Then you edit/reorganise some bookmark tags on Pinboard. Now you want to re-import your bookmarks and you think: Alright, I trash the old imported bookmarks in DEVONthink and then initiate bona fide another import to get the new & current bookmarks.

So far so good, but the import won’t do much! The reason: The script checks whether the bookmarks are already in the database - and (for me and maybe you unexpectedly) it checks in the Trash as well!!!

Therefore before the re-import you need to empty the Trash first. What a gotcha!

Happy Pinboard importing!

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