Becareful of folders names and moving it

My folder disappeared when moved to another database. It starts with a *. It saddens me that this can happen, really makes me trust devonthink less. The surprise disappearance of the folder and its contents makes me highly anxious of how this app behaves.

The name doesn’t matter at all for DEVONthink. Was this an indexed folder? Anything logged to Window > Log?

I can’t reproduce any issue with an indexed folder named * Some Folder being moved between databases via drag and drop.

Try searching for a file that was in the folder using Spotlight or some other similar tool. It is still there somewhere (DT3 won’t simply erase your files), you just have to find it.

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Im on the current latest version. Im not sure if there was anything logged. I think it was indexed. Its on a local sync to my HD. I tried spotlight, the folder and files are gone. But I have a backup at another place to restore. I removed the *(foldername) and repair and verify all databases and the folder moved without disappearing.

I dont know if there is a connection, but I found out the database I was moving the folder also begins with a *.

This shouldn’t cause any issues either and so far I couldn’t reproduce the issue.