beginner question on placeholders

Admittedly, I am very new to scripting, but I’ve managed to create a new version of the cornell notes rtf package by replacing the rtf file with my own. Its basically an 3x5 index card that includes title of the note, source (with possible links back to pdf in DT and reference in Sente, but I’ll save that for later), and then notes (in a two column table, left for pg #s and right for quotes & thoughts).

So here’s my ridiculously newbie question. Is there a placeholder that I can use in the rtf file that will insert the file name of the rtf into the title spot? And if there is, will it update to reflect any editing of the rft file name that occurs later?


Short answer: no. Not a method that uses built-in placeholders.

Long answer: yes - if you write a script to do that. One that uses custom placeholders.

If you dig through the template packages you’ll find examples of the latter – for example, a good model is the Annotation template that comes with DEVONthink. The RTF template uses %documentName%, which is a custom placeholder whose properties are defined in the script that is included in the Annotation template package.