Beginners: Begin here.

This forum needs a “pinned” topic for beginners.

I’m a beginner - DTPO - 2 weeks.
The learning curve is steep enough, without adding vertigo from a chaotic forum.
Solve that problem with a pinned topic for beginners.

Make sure that topic doesn’t get “chatted” into chaos, by giving authority to pin to only one person: Bill_DeVille.
Don’t allow random chat: just clear, concise, directions for beginners – nothing else.

I suggest first post be a summary – re-titled, “How to Backup DT”:

I look forward to other advice carefully selected for beginners.
(And then delete this post: Once a beginner topic is pinned, this post isn’t needed.)

  • Peter
    Bangkok, Thailand

I agree that it would be nice to organize some stuff out of forum posts, but I have to admit that I am too lazy to do it myself! Here is a page I made for beginners. It is certainly not exhaustive, but it does cover some of the low hanging fruit such as the tutorials, common problems, and the Take Control book.