Beginner's DB setup - does this make sense?

Hi all,

I am completely new to DevonThink and DevonAgent. I am quite impressed with DevonAgent! DT I am currently filling with data, but as there is not a lot in there right now, I cannot see the sheer power. But I am sure that will all come in due time :smiley:

However, I am a bit confused regarding a proper DB setup. Here is what I did, please provide feedback whether I completely screwed up or not. I am a complete newbie.

First point: DT and TM / TC. I read that DT databases will always be backed up fully. No prob with my tiny ones, but the prospect is not great, given that I use Time Capsule (which might be slower than an external drive connected via USB or FireWire). Therefore I excluded my “DevonThink” folder with the databases, and created another one “DevonThinkBackup” where I put backups via this export script (these ZIP files…). Okay or not?

Now for the DB setup. As recommended in the manual, I created several topical ones (three, to be precise). However, there is no “major” topic I research / work on most of the time. Therefore I could not decide on a default database. This is made worse by my habit of not having lots of applications running at the same time. Often DT will not run. If I use the clipping bookmarklet from Safari or the export from DA, and DT is not running, it will need a default DB though…

My solution: I created a fourth one (“Sammler”, in English: “Collector”) and made this my default DB. There are groups that mirror the other DBs, they are called “Buf_Hobbies”, “Buf_ResearchAndWriting” and “Buf_Coaching” respectively. During quick clipping trips I just dump stuff into the collector and assign it to these groups. Then I export them and import them into the “real” databases for proper storage.

Of course, in DT 2 this will no longer be necessary…

Anything I overlooked? Is this moderately reasonable or complete rubbish?

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and sorry about my broken English

Your approach should work for you. I don’t see any difficulties with it.

I don’t exclude my databases from Time Machine, but as you noted, I’m using an ethernet connection to a big external drive and that’s faster than Time Capsule’s WiFI connection. I also periodically create Backup Archive compressed backups for offsite storage, as well as use Time Machine. I always emphasize the importance of backups, even though I’ve only had to resort to a backup of my main database once in about three years. A current backup is great insurance – most insurance policies cost money, and one always hopes that insurance won’t be needed.