Behavior of the groups window in 1.3.4...

I’m not really sure if this is the behavior I was seeing when using DTPO 1.3.4 beta, but I could have sworn that when I set DTPO to appear in all spaces (when using Spaces), if I had the groups window set to not hide, I would get the groups window on all spaces that I changed to.

With the new 1.3.4, this doesn’t seem to work now. Even though DTPO is still accessible from any Spaces space, the groups window is only available in the space in which I first opened DTPO.

I really hope that made sense, and am I correct in my observations here? Either way, I think it would be really great to have this capability. (Same for DEVONagent also. The quick search window is only available in the space that I originally opened DEVONagent in. I’d really like to have the ability to float these handy items on all spaces).



The behaviour of the Groups panel is actually still the same.


Thanks for clarifying that. Must be my wonderful memory playing tricks on me again.

I would at this time like to make a formal request for all DEVON* apps that when they are marked in Spaces to exist on All Spaces, any child windows of the app “float” to appear on all the Spaces.



As a developer you have no clue on what “Space” your windows are, this is probably a Leopard issue…

Here’s another useful set of hints related to Spaces: Moving multiple windows in Spaces.


Okay, I see where I’m confused. If DEVONThink is set to appear on ‘Every Space’ AND I leave the main window open (along with the Groups window), when I switch spaces, all the DEVONThink windows appear on each space. If I close the Main window (just leaving the Groups window up), upon switching spaces, the Groups window doesn’t follow. I’ve reproduced this with DEVONAgent and OmniGraffle Pro (leaving an inspector window up, but closing the main window). So I assume that this is a Spaces thing as you’ve stated. It would be great if there was a way around this for something as useful as the Groups Window…