Behavior of thumbnail view

I find thumbnail view particularly useful when organizing many PDF documents… but there are some inconvenience that could be easily improved.

  1. the maximum size of thumbnail should be larger. When I maximize DTPO screen on a widescreen LCD, I can display 6 or more thumbnails at the maximum size, yet I can’t really read the large letters on the title page. I want to be able to read large letters, such as the title and the author.

  2. when I double click on the thumbnail, it opens the file on a separate window. I want this to be switchable: (1) open on the main window, full width; (2) full screen mode; (3) a separate window. From (1) I can always go back by clicking on back or home on the toolbar, and from (3) I can return by esc or F8.



I doubt that the resolution at which the image is rendered would render the title and author’s name readable if further magnified. Will Leopard help? Don’t know yet.

Perhaps a keystroke app such as QuickKeys or (in Leopard) a recordable series of Automator actions would allow one to customize such as sequence of views.

Can you increase the resolution of the thumbnail image stored in Devonthink database? Compared to the size of scanned and OCR’ed files, even higher resolution JPEG’s would take negligible disk space.

I am asking to provide a switch to select viewing behavior in thumbnail view in Preferences panel.

I’m requesting these features because I truly believe that they can improve the operability of DTPO and I personally don’t see a better way to do them (after thinking about possible options with QuickKeys).