I saw Apple’s announcement of Bento today and thought I’d download it- “I can catalog my books and CD’s, keep recipes, etc.”

Then I thought- " wait a minute- can’t I do that in DT, with sheets and templates and everything else?" I decided not to clutter my hard drive with another trial application for the moment.

So I guess I’m just trying to start a conversation here on the DT forums.

I saw in another thread where Bill D keeps contacts in DT. Does anyone else use it for media cataloging, recipes, personal projects and other things Bento is supposedly for?

Has anyone here tried Bento, or is maybe already using a database such as FileMaker in addition to DT?

My first post on this discussion board had some suggestions for DTP – actually, to make it more like Bento.

Bento looks interesting, but I can’t seem to get the download email :confused:

Anyway, I tried Filemaker briefly before DEVONthink, and hated the interface so much that I didn’t bother learning about the advanced functionality.

As for DTP, well, RTF templates leave a lot to be desired. IIRC, I suggested some sort of simple HTML templating engine. Something like

<div>{CELL 1_A}</div>

or something like that with a very simple markup that’d insert values (or DTP records, like images or text) into an HTML form.

Of course, if I needed everything I wanted, I’d just have to build my own application to manage it. Which I’ve considered, mind you, but I don’t have the know-how.

At this point, DTP is basically just for storing RTFs I write and PDFs I don’t write. All of the other reasons I initially had for using DTP have evaporated simply because they’re irritating to implement (smart groups), inefficient and ineffective (templates), feature-deficient (sheets), and so forth.

I’m probably going to go back to MediaWiki, which is still the most powerful and versatile system I’ve ever used, even though the server-nature of it irritates me (I vastly prefer having a simple app and a simple file that I can backup whenever I want rather than an entire website).