Best format to clip webpage with audio

Wondering what people might think is the best way to save webpages that have audio files as well. The pages I’m looking at are short music lessons that also have short audio files demonstrating many of the concepts.

Generally I prefer PDF for my web clippings as I know they will be permanent but of course that doesn’t save the audio. In this case I guess Bookmark would be the best but I always worry about the pages moving or disappearing. However it seems to be the only one that will allow me to click on the audio. Saving as a webarchive didn’t seem to save the audio, it only worked when I reloaded the page.

Any thoughts?

You could right-click and save the audio (if allowed by the site) and save it to your Global Inbox, then sort it where you want to.

Another possibility is to use DEVONagent Pro’s scanners (see menu Web > Objects) to download multimedia files.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. Will check them out.

Where do I find the menu Web > Objects?

It’s part of DEVONagent Pro’s main menu.