Best method to move an RSS Doc to DTP


What is the best way to move an RSS document from Apple Mail to DTP? I am currently copying the document (cmd-c) from the message list then using the DTP script to copy the selection to current group. This works fine and I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering why the Adding Messages to DTP script would not have accomplished the same thing.


You could…

  1. Copy the email and use “New from clipboard” in the Dock menu
  2. Use the “Copy selection to current group” script (no copying on your own necessary)
  3. Take a rich note via services

…but I will check why the scripts aren’t working for RSS.

Mail blocks access to properties of RSS feeds. You have to move the messages of the feed to a (local) mailbox, then you should be able to add them.

Thanks, using the dock menu did the job.