best network to index 1000's pdfs.

i have tried with usb 2.0 drobo which will run for days. possibly esata or a fiber card ?

2-3 TB of PDF book size files, attempting to index only over USB 2.0 with DROBO. Maybe there is a better method to batch index a group.

I have installed a PCI card SSD as my system drive.

Too little information. What is the grand total space requirement (GB, TB, PB?) of these “1000’s PDF”? Where are they now? External drive? NAS? Cloud storage? USB sticks?

The OP’s drive is an external USB RAID drive. So basically he is connecting to an ext. drive at USB speeds. Or perhaps the Drobo is connected to another Mac and he is accessing it over the local LAN.

And you are right, it would help to have info like how many GB of files does he have.

Thunderbolt2. Fastest interface available for any Mac.

Now, you must name your firstborn after me. You’re welcome… :laughing:

ok. let’s say 3TB of book sized PDFs approximately. Thunderbolt2 on a Mac Pro 4,1 …probably not… i have a PCI SSD now, but i haven’t tried yet to use it to start indexing a group of my PDF. Should i index in batches, should i use my spare Mac Pro 2,1 to run on the side? Also grapling with move PDFs or just index where they are would be faster.

so i am guessing 1TB of PDFs being indexed in my Devonthink database will create quite a large file, sure. I am interested in being able to search on words within the PDF’s.