Best output format for search of news sites

I am working on a case that has received a good deal of media attention, and the media coverage may well be relevant during litigation.

What is the best way to output a search of the various web search engines and news sources that are built into DevonAgentPro?

I am trying to add these to my DevonThinkProOffice database for the case.

I tried to output as PDF, but many pages are coming up as blank PDFs. I am worried that urls that are cataloged now will be behind paywalls or otherwise be unreachable in the future.

Thank you,


What kind of PDF format did you use? Paginated? And did DEVONagent or DEVONthink create the PDF documents?

I was using DEVONAgent to output paginated PDFs to DEVONThink.

Which version of DEVONagent Pro and Mac OS X do you use?