Best place to add comments to emails that need translation

Can I just check:

Are the ‘Finder Comments’ or ‘Annotations’ section the best place for a translator to add a few notes about ‘archived emails’ they are reviewing? Or is there a better place / feature for them to use?

You sure can check :slight_smile:

Either is viable. However…

  • Finder comments in the Finder have amore limited number of characters over what DEVONthink can store.
  • Annotation files are fine though they’re a separate file.

If you and the translator are using the Pro edition of DEVONthink, it would be possible to add a custom metadata attribute.

Also, the translator could create a document, e.g., rich text, to make notes about each email but contained in one document, e.g.,…

Great thanks for the thoughts - I’ll try the custom metadata attribute - I want to be able to glance through things quickly based on labelling / ranking of the emails, so cycling through the list view and seeing the notes pop up in the meta data would make sense

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: