Best Practice for Notes with pictures?

What is the consensus for best practice for how to incorporate notes with pictures into DT?

I am coming from Evernote, and need to figure out how to perfom some basic functions in DT that mimic what I used in EN.

I often clipped portions of web pages and documents that included illustrations, photos and in some cases you tube videos. In Evernote these things come in and can be stored locally and viewed. The pictures are included in the note and videos can also be embedded and stored on my machine.

The exact formatting is not important, so PDF isn’t necessary.

In DT Web Archives seem to want to always go out to the internet to fill the page.

I often use these notes when I have no internet access and the pictures and videos are critical to understanding them so I need to know how best to add these items to my DT database.

They will all also eventually be put on my iPod Touch via DTTG so if that impacts how I do it I need to know that as well. I do not need to edit this sort of item on my iPod, just view it.

DEVONthink has great support for RTF which lets you combine text, hyperlinks, and images in a single document. You can easily import RTF content into your DEVONthink database by selecting some text and images in another application. Click and hold the left mouse button down for a second. You can then drag that block of content and tab over to DEVONthink, where you can drop it into an existing document or group. You can do this from most of the applications you use on your Mac, including DEVONthink itself. RTF is also a great way to capture the content from web pages and get rid of all of the extraneous images and info. My personal favorite is to use Safari’s Reader function to make the pages look really good, and then clip RTF into DEVONthink from there.

You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to a service that clips any selected content and places it in the destination specified in Import preferences. Other ways of importing content are the sorter, or web browser plugins that give you several options. You will find the section “COLLECT TEXT SNIPPETS AND OTHER VALUABLE DATA” in the DEVONthink manual to be a useful starting point. Finally I recommend having a look at the eBookTake Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2. It has step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use many of DEVONthink’s features.

RTF documents are viewable on DTTG but not currently editable. iOS does not currently have RTF editing capabilities.

I just tried that.

My results. Select and click left mouse gets a contextual menu where save to Devon Think is an option.

Select that and I got the text into DTPO but no pictures.

Tried select then release then drag into DT, Same results, text but no pictures.

Both times it says it’s RTF but no pictures included.

What browser are you using? With Safari no contextual menu comes up when you left-click…it shows up when you right-click.

Elsewhere I saw someone suggest pressing and holding “option” before you click on the content to move it.

This video demonstrates how to drag RTF content from safari into devonthink

My mistake right click. I use Safari rev 5.0.2

Watched the video but nothing useful. I see nothing in there that helps me. I tried selecting then dragging but still no pictures.

Totally frustrated. I cannot even copy and paste pictures into RTF files in DT although it works just fine in Evernote

The last thing I can suggest is pressing command+) which will clip an RTF document. If that doesn’t work then I have no clue what’s wrong, hopefully someone else can help you troubleshoot further.

Post removed. Not helpful to the OP.

Quick tests this am.

Still not possible to clip the pix even using command )

Veritrope’s scripts result in web archives with black backgrounds, known bug and dont’ work, The RTF clip does not work either on my mac (Leopard system) also results in solid black document and no pictures.

Screen PNG not suitable. Just because I can’t edit on the iOS does not mean I don’t want to edit on the mac side so I need RTF files to be created.

I’ll play with this more later, bigger issue right now is my additional documents added to folders I thought were syncing are not. I am not getting any new files onto my iPod.

I’m really beginning to wonder about the whole mess!

I don’t want to use Evernote because of the cloud nature of the sync and backup. I want bonjour sync which is why I was looking to DT.

I do need it to handle all the same types of stuff my old Palm system handled.

I’m adverse to entrusting personal/sensitive content to companies/services like Evernote.

EXACTLY! Which is why I want DTTG to work. But I have to get all of my notes in or it;s not useful to me.

Works for me fine in Safari. It sounds as though there is something wrong if you can not drag and drop, which really all that you need to do. Try selecting all of the page you want and then dragging it over to DTP. Hope this helps.

Works for me fine in Safari. It sounds as though there is something wrong if you can not drag and drop, which really all that you need to do. Try selecting all of the page you want and then dragging it over to DTP. Hope this helps.

That is exactly what I do, text comes over but pictures do not.

Tried from within Safari and from within Evernote. Consistent failure. I cannot seem to clip any pictures.