Best practice for PDF-internal links?

Hello all,

Would just like to confirm something:

When setting up an internal link ‘hotspot’, the “Annotations” window that pops up – where you are able to set the “Link type: Link Within PDF” does not appear to allow one to enter any text into the top text field. Similarly, it doesn’t appear to allow for the setting of the color/fill color, or any of the other settings, for that matter.

Am I correct in assuming that one should first set up a ‘normal’ Annotation (i.e. one of the ‘rectangle/oval/note/text’ annotation options), and then create the PDF-link hotspot over the top of the initial annotation, in order to provide a visual target to be clicked to fire the link?

PDF link annotations are always invisible and can be added to any area, e.g. over text or images (see e.g. the link annotations of web pages captured as PDF). If a visible link is required, then you would have to add another first annotation (usually text) first.

Thanks for confirming, Criss!