Best Practice on Database Usage


I am considering using DTPro Office to produce databases of certain different types of information e.g. say food writing and recipes.

Would I be best using two different databases or one single large one? As I see it there would be Pros and Cons to both scenarios.

Two different Databases
Pro - Searching could be more precise e.g. I could find apple recipes only and not get articles on apple farming.
Con - Might miss some articles that have been placed in the wrong database or an article that was about apple farming but had an apple recipe included at the end

One Single Database
Pro - all encompassing
Con - too many false positives on searches

Can you advise me on what you would consider the optimal setup?


I’d suggest two databases as the upcoming version 2.0 will provide the possibility to open multiple databases concurrently and to search one or all of them.

Thanks - that makes sense.

If I go ahead and buy the current version of DTPro Office, and maintain the separate databases, am I correct in assuming that I’d need to open and run searches on each database separately until 2.0?

Yes and no. In DEVONthink 1.x you can only use the database Search feature in the (single) open database.

But if you have enabled Spotlight searching on both databases, you can in this way search across both databases, as DT Pro will open the appropriate database to display a result from the Spotlight results list.

How did you organize your food writing database? I am finding it very difficult to organize everything that there has to do with food in a hiearchy.