Best Practice on Items to Sync?

OK I’ve now got a beta version that is syncing to my iPod Touch.

But now I’m confused on what is the best practice to put items into the sync group.

I initially tried by replicating all the groups in my Mac database into the sync folder. But then I read that if I do that I can’t easily choose stop syncing them.

The function I want is that if I delete an individual item or a group from either my mac or my iPod in the main database I want the item to be deleted in the other place.

If I delete and item or a group from my sync group I do not want to sync that item anymore so I want to effectively stop syncing it. The function I expect to happen is the item will be deleted on the iPod but the original on the mac should be left alone.

So what is the best way to set up sync to get this function?

Bumped because I really need some solutions on this. The various threads in the forum are worse than confusing. Replicate files vs groups, duplicate and the actions that each will cause are not at all understandable to the new user w/o some guidance.

We need some manuals, best practices and work flow diagrams that explain in detail exactly how to accomplish the following scenarios:

  1. An entire DEVONThink database is also located on the mobile device. Any changes to any item (add or delete groups, change tags, add, delete or edit files) to anywhere in the database on either the desktop or mobile platform should be synced to the other side.

  2. Some parts of a database (only certain folders or groups) are set to sync. Any changes made to add, delete or edit files and folders or groups within this top structure should be reflected in sync.

  3. In either above scenario we need a simple way to say Stop sync on this segment. If that occurs the 2 databases (desktop & mobile) are then disconnected and changes in one are not going to be reflected in the other.

So can someone explain in exact key strokes needed to do this how to accomplish those 3 scenarios?