Best Practice Question: Web Archive vs. Rich Note Clip Cmd-)

I have a question regarding the capture of a small-ish web page (in particular it is a “view printable” link for a news story) with a total word count under 500 words.

Is it better to capture these types of pages with the web-archive bookmarklet or by highlighting the text and taking rich note via the services menu shortcut?

I understand that in a crowded, add-ridden, webpage the archive bookmarklet will pick up all the extras and the highlight/services menu method will be more selective. What (if any) is the functional difference between the two methods when the crowded, add-ridden content is factored out of the equation?

As concerns searching and analysis of the text of such captures there’s no significant difference between the rich text and Webarchive captures.

File size can differ, though. I just captured the printer-friendly version of a New York Times article, first as a rich text note of selected text and then as a WebArchive.

The rich text note is 22 KB. The WebArchive is 170 kB. Note that even the printer-friendly pages may contain logo images.

I usually make rich text captures of selected text/images.