Best practices for backing up scripts and templates

What is considered best practice in terms of backing up DT3 metadata—the scripts, templates, and so on that are stored in DEVONthink’s Application Scripts and Application Support folders? (Is there anything else I’m not thinking of?)

I know I saw a discussion about this here a while back where someone discussed pulling these items out of those folders into something more user-controlled, and then providing an alias to the “exported” script and template folders in the respective DT3 Application Support and Application Scripts folders.

Unfortunately searches failed to turn up that discussion, so I apologize for any redundancy. Still, I wonder if that’s the best approach, or if I should be doing something else?

My concern isn’t the kind of issue that would wipe out my whole hard drive—I have other backups for that—but for changes to DT3 (e.g., doing a reinstall, which I had to do once before).

I’m not sure how your primary backups, e.g., Time Machine, etc., wouldn’t siffice for this.

My concern is that if I just uninstall and reinstall DT3, or set up a new machine, I won’t be able to granularly restore these scripts and templates. Though I suppose that backup services often let you selectively restore things… I am not sure, though. I have never been smart about backups. Trying to fix that!

You can easily restore folders or individual files via Time Machine. I believe Arq allows it too. It depends on the backup app or service you’re using.

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