"Best" practices for capturing internet comments to DT?

Besides printing to PDF, what are other good practices for capturing comments that appear at the end of internet articles? There is, of course, manually copying and pasting, but is there a more automated method that takes less time, and also keeps the file size to a minimal?

Curious to know what other DT-folks use.

Select the text and use one of the DEVONthink Services such as " DEVONthink Pro Office: Take Rich Note", or " DEVONthink Pro Office: Take Plain Note", or " DEVONthink Pro Office: Capture Web Archive". Services have to be activated in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. The Take Rich Note and Take Plain Note services have companion services “Append Rich Note” or “Append Plain Note” services that will add text to the last Rich or Plain note, respectively. The Capture Web Archive service works on selections. Some readers will convert selections captured as web archives to Formatted Notes.

Ah…very useful! I didn’t know about these services.

PopClip (https://pilotmoon.com/popclip/) has a DEVONthink extension which may be useful for your purpose. I find it very quick to use when clipping from the web. After installing PopClip and the DEVONthink extension, all you have to do is highlight the content you wish to copy, and a popup will appear. Select the DEVONthink icon from the popup, and the text from the selection will be copied into a DEVONthink text note. A nice feature is that the note title is set to the title of the web page when clipping from the web. The extension also has an option (and separate icon) for searching DEVONthink for any selected text, which brings up the DEVONthink Tools | Search dialog box. I use PopClip every day, as it has a lot of other features such as dictionary lookup and text formatting, as well as many useful extensions for popular software. The extensions can be found here: https://pilotmoon.com/popclip/extensions/

@KarenCalifornian: Good call on PopClip. It’s one of the best little utilities I’ve ever used.