Best practices in anticipation of 2.0?

I know specifics about 2.0 aren’t out in the wild yet, but I was wondering if there are some suggestions for working in a current DTPO database in anticipation of 2.0.

My database so far has been a repository of information but I haven’t fully used the available features. I’d like to expand my use of DTPO but I’ve read on here where a number of things are going to change substantially and I don’t want to either have to re-do the organizing or lose information in the transfer.

Any suggestions as to what might be best to not use heavily? Or use in a specific way? In other words, will information in sheets, or replicant files, or any other aspect of the current database transition smoothly?

I’d rather not put a lot of effort into a database organization only to learn that it will have to be revamped with the coming 2.0.


The conversion is usually lossless. The only known exception are sheets as they will be file-based in the future and “flat”. Therefore one shouldn’t create groups inside of sheets, the created hierarchy would be lost during the transition. Same applies to cross-links to records (aka forms).

Thanks, Christian. That’s exactly the kind of info I was hoping for. If there are any more tips, I’d be grateful to hear them.

Ummm…but records stored within sheets will be OK?

Not sure to what kind of records you’re referring but the answer is usually yes (only exception are “forms” stored inside groups, not within sheets).