Best-Selling Author's Acknowledgment

Just happened to notice that on the Author’s Note page (p.414) in Michael Chabon’s new best seller novel, “The Yiddish Policement’s Union,” he writes:

“This novel was written on Macintosh computers using Devonthink Pro and Nisus Writer Express.”

Chabon won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2001 for his novel “Kavalier & Clay.”


Thanks, Martin. It’s always great to see notes like that. :slight_smile:

Chabon’s acknowledgment is why I downloaded the trial. I’m a novelist working on a project requiring much more research than my previous books, and I’m hoping DEVONThinkPro Office will help me.

If I could drag emails directly into folders, and the word processor would do page breaks, I think it would be my perfect app. I can deal with having to monkey around with the emails to get them where I want them (organizational procrastination is the writer’s best friend), but I can’t live without page breaks.

Page breaks are possible in Devonthink Pro Office, aren’t they?

Yes, page breaks can be inserted in a text note. Choose Exit > Insert > Page break. But you won’t see any apparent result.

Think of the text editor in DT as essentially TextEdit in “Wrap to Window” mode.

If you open a DT text document in TextEdit, and select Format > Wrap to Page, you will see a page break wherever one was inserted in the DT document.

The invisible page break character will also be recognized by a number of other word processors.

Thanks. Unfortunately, a page break that doesn’t actually break the page isn’t enough for me, so I went back to Word.

I’ll still use DEVONthink for research and notes, but this single feature prevents me from using it as my exclusive writing environment.