Best sync set up

Hi there,

I’m quite new, so please bear with me here. My set-up is as follows:

DT3 running on Mac mini
DT3 running on Macbook Pro
DTTG running on iPhone
DTTG running on iPad

I sync all of my databases between my Mini and Macbook. I prefer Bonjour for speed.

But I want to work whilst out and about on my iPhone. If I make a note and want to sync it to my inbox, for example, is it possible to run an iCloud sync for the inbox only alongside a Bonjour sync? Or will that lead to problems?

Thanks very much indeed.

Alongside works. But as sync speeds slower and less reliable than Bonjour, my best recommendation is to only sync the databases you want and/or need. Or just be prepared for a longer sync.

I’ve grown to the view that since when I’m out and about there is nobody at my base using my computers that need an up to date synch. So I am starting to rely on simply taking my iPhone/iPad “out and about” and when I get back to base let it all sync back up again. I do have CloudKit running on one database, but I don’t need or want it and likely will someday turn that off.

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You can do this for the Global Inbox, but it is not possible to set up a sync that only syncs certain groups in a database, which then rules out only syncing database inboxes.

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@rmschne hinted at the basic question here, one discussed in this forum post…

Do you need to have it sync back home while you’re out?