best sync system


I use Devonthink pro office for my professionnal business. I’ve got a lot of bank or financial papers.
I need to sync my database between my laptop and my office computer.
what is the best and most secured sync system that can be used by DTPO?


There’s no best sync solution, this depends a lot on the personal needs and what kind of cloud services you already use. All of them are secure - Bonjour/WiFi is always encrypted and sync stores (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud etc.) are optionally encrypted using AES-256.

A direct connection via Bonjour/WiFi requires of course that both sides are switched on but doesn’t require local or cloud storage and is usually faster.

My own solution to this challenge is to use my own WebDAV server. The server is under my control so the data is under my control. The connections to my laptop and IOS devices are encrypted.

This way, I’m not dependent on anyone else to keep my data confidential. There are two potential downsides: I have to administer the WebDAV server, and I have to provide my own backup strategy to avoid any risk of data loss.

As sync stores are optimized for synchronizing but not for backups, it’s always recommended to have your own (and ideally tested) backup strategy

Local sync stores are the fastest, most reliable, and most private option. I keep a 128GB SD card and an encrypted thumb drive plugged into whatever MacBook I’m working on and I sync to them. When I switch Macs (as you would be when going from home to office), I eject them and plug them into the Mac I’m working on. They just sit quietly getting synced to, with no network in the way.

I obviously use other sync methods (like a WebDAV server I am running in-house) for other purposes, but this is my tried and true method.

And no, a local sync store isn’t accessible in DEVONthink To Go, but you didn’t mention mobile devices in the mix. :smiley:

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What’s your setup for this? Are the databases resident on the SD card?


Nope - and I don’t advocate that either. Portable externals are the better bet.

I use a local sync store on them. Portable sync data, and optionally traveling encrypted.