Best Way to Back up DTPO on Jungle Disk

Hello –
I use DTPO on a newish MAC (though not yet on Lion). I have just signed up for a Jungle Disk account, using AS3. I have two DTPO databases, the larger of which is about 4GB, and if I loose it, my entire lively hood is basically down the toilet. So, with those factors in mind… what is the best procedure to use JD to back up. I was just using time machine on a local hard drive, but got a bit scared, when the local hard drive crashed and now cannot be used (fortunately, my Mac did not die, only the back up drive did).

There is a export to jungle disk script on the DTPO script menu. However, I when setting up Jungle Disk, the JD application also simply lets me “select” the folder where my databases reside, for automatic nightly back up – (I guess, unlike the script-method, these would not be zip-files, but…probably not too much cost difference to store 4gb unzipped, versus 2gb zipped). Are both ways okay? Do I have to worry either way, about whether the db is open when the back-up is running? Is it simpler to “restore” when doing one way versus the other? In notice there is a menu item to “restore” on the Jungle Disk interface, so maybe it is better to just do everything from JD? Basically wondering if I am “safe” by simply setting up the JD to give a nightly backup to the folder where I keep my DTPO data-bases.

Thank you for any thoughts!

I am also using JungleDisk and I simply make sure that I close DEVONthink before I leave the office. The JungleDisk monitor then backs up the database over night. But even backing up while DEVONthink is running should not cause too much harm except that you may receive the message “Database is already in use” when you open it after restoring from the backup.