Best way to break up a large doc???

My project is to analyze and restructure a rather large document.
I thought DevonThink would be the perfect tool for this project
I thought I could break up the document so each it’s sections would become a separate document in DevonThink.
What is the best way to do this? So far what I’ve been doing is:
1.) create a new group/subgroup.
2.) copy each main section title from the document.
3.) paste the section title from the document as a group/subgroup title.
4.) copy the text from each end-node section from the document
5.) create a new text document in DevonThink
6.) paste the section text into the new text document in DevonThink.

The document is not small and all these steps are starting to become really tedious. Is there a more efficient way to “slice and dice” a document into DevonThink?

If there is some logic inside the document, e.g. formatting, you could think about using AppleScript.