Best way to create a form type document

Not sure if Templates come into play, or something else, but I’d like to create a something that would allow me to create a page that contains software license information.

Preferbally I’d like to have it controlled with form type elements (e.g. date, drop downs etc.). I’d then like each one of these “somethings” to exist as a document in a folder that I can refer to elsewhere.

Pro v3

Version 3 includes several sheet templates, see e.g. Data > New from Template > Accounts & Passwords or Data > New from Template > Education. You might also want to switch the default sheet view to forms, see Preferences > Media > Sheets.

If each license should use its own document, then one option would be to use a rich text containing tables.


So what are “Form Views” then (available in Pro & Server)?


A different view for sheets (see above).

And how does one enable such views? I looked in the various documentation and didn’t find anything obvious on first blush…

Either on demand (e.g. via the navigation bar or via the menu View > Document Display) or by changing the preferences (see Preferences > Media > Sheets).

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In the Navigation bar, it’s…

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