Best way to import opml clippings from CP NoteBook

I am hoping that Bill D and any other Notebookers can help me with this. I have several large NoteBook files of clippings that I would like to import into DT Pro. I know that I should convert them to opml so that DT Pro can read it. But is there any way that DT Pro can make SEPARATE sheets/pages for each clipping (i.e. article)? In short, I would love to hear from people that have sucessfully convert clippings to DT Pro. Many thanks from a beginner.

A NoteBook clipping occupies a single cell. Select the cell, then use Services > DEVONthink Pro > Take Rich note or press the keyboard shortcut, Command-)

Clippings from the Web may have a child cell containing the source URL. I’m not sure whether that child cell can be selected together with the clipping, or whether the URL would have to be separately copied and pasted from the notebook into the DT Pro document containing the clipping.

As I recall, CP NoteBook can only export a page at a time as RTF, so the method noted above would probably be at least as efficient as trying to do rich text exports from the notebook, which would then be importable into DT Pro.

Another approach would be to “print” a notebook to DT Pro as PDF – but if you want to separate the clippings, that would have to be done a page at a time (and hyperlinks would be lost).

Still another approach, which might work pretty well: Convert the notebook to a Web site, open it in DT Pro’s browser and capture clippings as individual documents. This might be the most efficient capture mode if you have a lot of them.

So Bill, just to be sure…, you know of no other way to automatically create a page for each clipping in DT Pro, right? I’ll have to go through each of my 500 or so clippings, manually right? This is what I feared but appreciate a confirmation. Thanks!

One way would be to export the Notebook to XML and write a program or some XLST defintion that converted it to a format suitable for import into DT.

Try the .opml export in NB and then drop the .opml file into DT – it converts each cell into a seperate doc upon importing into DT because DT’s outlining feature thinks of each doc as a “cell”. I think think this could work for you. If you have a lot of cells with children in your NB file you may want to reorganize in NB before doing the export – or do the reorganizing in DT later. Either way, a little “cleaning up” of the imported files in DT will be necessary, but you can do this. I just tried it to make sure, before I posted this.


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Getting back on topic while Bill weathers a hurricane… It DOES seem that the opml import method works but only partly. For some reason, some articles are classified as groups and do not contain the article text just the title and source. I think this is a hierarchy problem in Notebook (my fault not Notebook’s). Still this is a shortcut and I very much appreciate the comments from the posters. Thanks!