Best way to make tag subtag to another tag in long tag list

Say, I have a tag [i]peter[/i] and a tag [i]friend[/i] in my database life and I would like that always when I tag a record with [i]peter[/i] automatically the tag [i]friend[/i] is applied. For this I want to make [i]peter[/i] a subtag of [i]friend[/i].

And that’s easy: Expand all tags in the main Group/Tag/Searches pane in the main window and drag tag [i]peter[/i] on top of tag friend. So far so good.

This method however becomes pretty difficult when you have many, many tags (more than a screen full in the expanded tags list). What to do then? Here is what I do:

  1. I position the expanded tags-list in the database, so that the tag I want to drop onto (e.g. [i]friend[/i]) is visible.
  2. I open the floating Groups&Tags panel,
  3. find the the tag I want to move ([i]peter[/i]) and
  4. drag [i]peter[/i] from the floating panel over to [i]friend[/i] in the main window.

This works, but it is firstly quite cumbersome and secondly goes easily wrong, because I might have the tag [i]peter[/i] as well in another database (say, work) and in the floating panel I have to make sure I am operating on the correct database to expand their tags.)

Do my big question: [i]Is there an easier way to do this?[/i]

I’m not sure if that’s easier but the only alternative currently coming to my mind would be to use the search window.

Thanks Christian.

Using the search window to just display tags/groups (via the Advanced… button) is a fairly safe option. Just a bit cumbersome, because it needs quite a few clicks until you’ve set it up.