Best Way to Retire an Old MacBook: Initial DT Sync Store

Initially, I created my DT databases on my Mac-old machine. I now have Mac-new. All 7 databases were synced via icloudkit on Mac-old. My iPhone was able to see all and sync them just fine & life was good!

In the process of decommissioning my Mac-old, I performed these steps

  • Installed DT on Mac-new and imported the databases from the sync store.
  • Cleaned the sync store on Mac-old
  • Dropped the sync store on Mac-old
  • Went to system preferences on Mac-old / iCloud / deleted devothink data to clear my iPhone DT content.

Mac-new shows all 7 databases as local in DT settings / sync. However, my iPhone no longer sees any of these databases. If I create a new DB on Mac-new, the iPhone sees it in sync settings.

I’m new to both Mac & DT. I know this is a dangerous combination!

How do I fix the sync situation so that iPhone can see all 7 DBs. One way, is to create new databases and move the existing one to them one by one, but this is an arduous process. Hope there is a simpler solution.

Thanks in advance.

As you’ve cleaned the sync store (and therefore the remote copies of the databases), you have to upload the databases again to CloudKit (e.g. from your new Mac).