Best way to see PDF page numbers?

Hello all,

I went all in on DT3, and have removed DTPO2 from my current machine, so not possible to pop up a screengrab – and therefore working off memory.

IIRC, in DTPO2, when having a PDF open – it had a representation of the page numbers just below(?) the toolbar, that also allowed one to jump between pages quite quickly. The jumping around is fine currently – but I miss being able to glance up and ‘see’ where I am in a PDF article, based on the page numbering.

Is this something that can still be done in DT3? How are others getting around this, or am I an outlier in terms of missing this feature?

The pages are shown in the Navigation bar above the view/edit pane.

This also functions as a Go to page* when clicked.

PS: This particular feature is covered in the built-in Help > Documentation > Documents > PDFs.

Ah - thanks Jim.

I had the “Editing Bar” visible, which replaces your/the default view with the simple " < > ", to jump back and forward through the pages – but it then doesn’t show the page number.
Any way these could be made to co-exist?

The Editing and Navigation Bars share the same space (and by necessity, due to the requirements of smaller screens and consistent design).

You can use the Thumbnails view of the Contents Inspector.
Also, there is Go > Go to page.

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