Best way to sync databases with new Global Inbox?


So I have a couple machines I work on… a desktop machine in the office where my main database “lives,” and then a laptop which I take to meetings and customers where I enter notes and capture stuff when I’m on the road.

I have been using a small database on the laptop that I have in a Dropbox folder. I capture stuff to it, and in general it works fairly well. But with the Global Inbox and the ease of capturing stuff to it, even when DTP isn’t running, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier to use it. The problem being, this folder is in ~/Libary/Application Support/DEVON… and thus not synched by DropBox. Plus, by its nature of being open or available all the time, I’d be worried about using it with DropBox, which clearly only works well when a database is open on one machine at a time.

Anyone managed something that works well here? I guess I could also put my entire “main” database on DropBox, but the issue there is that it’s ~6 GB in size so I’d need the $100/year DropBox account to do that, and I’m hedging as I really don’t need that if there’s a sane way to sync.

I am using ChronoSync to sync the main database from my desktop to my laptop, and it is a one-way sync, so I’d never add something to the “main” database on the laptop.


I’m interested in this as well. It would be ideal if there were some way to put the global inbox in a dropbox synced folder and have it automagically work. But that’s probably too much to ask.

I just tried to use a symbolic link from the dropbox folder to the inbox as described on the dropbox help pages:

In short, I used the command

ln -s /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/DEVONthink\ Pro\ 2/Inbox /Users/USERNAME/Dropbox

(Just drag&drop the two folders from finder into the terminal window!)

and it seems to work fine!

Thank you to all the contributors to this thread. It was extremely helpful, and it guided me to finally finding a system that works for me now.

But I must say, “My brain hurts.” I can only handle so much command line frustration and syncing “logic.”

This is what forums are all about.