Beta 5 & Sorter Seems Sluggish?

I’ve noticed that the sorter seems very sluggish overall when I drag and drop as of Beta 5. It takes several seconds for the tab to expand, then after I drop something on a folder it takes several more seconds to process the document, and then several more seconds to disappear.

This was very quick in previous beta versions. Did something change? Is anyone else seeing this behavior?


Because I’ve started using Little Snitch in a stricter way, it quickly became apparent that when dragging a url from Safari to the sorter, for example, the sorter loads the whole dang &^%$# bloated web page, even though all I want is just to ‘bookmark’ the url. I really don’t see why the dozen servers on every fat hog commercial page, complete with doubleclick ads, adsense tracking, preloaded video, gif animations, and all the rest of the crp on the big bandwidth consumer pages must be satisfied just to make a note of the url in the sorter. Because you have to go thru the same process just as soon as you take a look at the page in DTP anyway, so…???

If any one of those scurrilous address are slow (and many of them are) then the whole process just comes to a crawl.

Maybe that’s what you’re seeing?

Actually, you are not correct and you have a choice. What happens is that the Sorter creates a webarchive by default, this implies that DEVONthink doesn’t have to load it from the internet again. And if you use a Command-drag with Safari, only the link will be created.

Thank you, Annard, for setting me straight on how to use the sorter more effectively. It’s terrific that one has the choice. I need spend more time to understand all the features in the new world of 2.x. I think the sorter is very useful and it has always worked just fine for me.

I remain miffed at the obesity of the commercial web, that topic has nothing to do with the greatness of DEVONthink!

Where it makes sense (depending on the context of the information dragged into it) the Sorter will do the “right thing” depending on the type of drag operation you do (no keys, Command and Command-Option map to copy, move and link respectively).
The Sorter always falls back to the best format available if a problem occurs: a webarchive in this case.

This is why Bill selects the text he wants from a webpage and nothing else. I’m too lazy and just use a CSS stylesheet to hide unwanted information.

Help, I’m slow today. :blush: If I Command-drag, the address and search boxes drag off the toolbar and I can’t put anything into the Sorter. If I drag then press command as I’m dragging into the Sorter, I get a webarchive. I’m using DTPO 2.0pb7, Safari 4.0.3 and OS 10.6.1. What am I missing?


This used to work with Safari 3. sigh Yet another workaround coming up.

Thanks, at least I can still use the bookmarklet to save bookmarks when DT is open.

So, is that why there seems to be at least two ways to do everything in DT, so if an Apple update breaks one, the other one still works?


That’s why I’m repeating my personal new marketing slogan for DEVONthink: it’s all about choice.®