Beta Access For OmniOutliner Fix


There’s a rumor over on the Omni site that a still-in-beta maintenance release of DTPO fixes the problem that DTPO couldn’t read Omnioutliner files. Is that available to try out?


Betas are only available for regular beta testers who have signed an NDA. However, we’ll release an update during the first half of March.

Is the OmniOutliner fix still coming? In the meantime, and as an aside, being unable to see OmniOutliner files in DEVONthink caused me to learn about OutlineEdit which is a simple and elegant alternative and works well in DT. I may switch, but still would like to be able to read OO files.

Hello experts,

Regarding the DPTO fix for Omnioutliner files.

I just downloaded the new dtpo build, and find that dtpo can find things in Omioutliner files IF the OO file was saved as a package, but NOT if it was saved as a flat file. I’m not complaining here, just trying to help fellow users.

To set your OO file to save as a package, open the OO inspector bar and then the document tab within it. In the second section, you’ll find the setting to save as a package instead of as a flat file.

Your making this fix is greatly appreciated! It’s a huge help for me.


Could you please send a flat file to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

Searching and preview works fine here with OO5 documents, both flat files and package documents. It might be helpful to know which version of OO you are using and what version (OO3 or OO5) the documents are saved as.

  • edited because I forgot to mention that exporting the OO5 documents to OO3 format also works fine.

The file is on its way. Thanks for taking a look