better Bookends compatibility?

Your March 8 News blog says the latest DTP Office has " better compatibility to third-party applications, e.g., Bookends."But I can’t find any other mention about that.

How does DTP now have better compatibility with Bookends?

strange… I can find no mentioning of bookends in the blog, but in the Press Release.
In the help file of the new version, I found this:

I haven’t tried this yet, or recognized this as a problem, but the direction looks promising: If this is a first sign for a tighter integraton of bookends (and maybe Mellel?) in the future, every academic using this (de-facto-standard) “acadmic suite” on the mac will be happy.


I only mention this because Jon has posted the information publicly on the BE forums, but the current BE beta allows one to drag and drop the unique ID of a reference to DT and create a clickable link to the BE reference.

This means, for example that in the future, it will be possible to add this link to the url field of a pdf or other document stored in DT that links directly to the BE reference.

Neat eh?


milhouse, you are partly right. The dragged hyperlink needs to be in rich text files in DT, it cannot be dropped into the URL field in the info of a file. I would actually prefer a plain text URL. If you are interested in this as well, please go to the Bookends forum and vote for the poll I put up for it.

The Redlers, in a big thread I started on what you called the “academic suite” indicated that they “have some thoughts on the issue”. I think enough users of Mellel spoke up that they’d like integration. I think we may see this within a year or so (of course I may just be dreaming). Basically, I think the plan is to make Mellel files readable/searchable in DT - but not editable. I suspect for most of this, that is what we want.

The DT folk have also indicated (can’t remember where) that they may be implementing their own local URL system. If this happens, then I think an integrated system of an academic suite will be born - although there will be a little work to do by the user.

I have already mapped it in my mind how it will work if/when these new implementations come. When they do, I’ll post my workflow. Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later.

Hi Dan,

I’ll check out your poll.

I posted a similar request in this thread: … php?t=4344

Devon support replied that we could add the BE link to the url field for a document.

Since that time I have tried it and, as you note, it does not work.