Better Documentation

While the manual I downloaded is quite comprehensive, it is a bit too technical.  And it would help very much if there were screnshots to go with the explanations.  With a program that works like this one does, it’s going to take some getting used to especially if one has never used anything like it before.

I too would like to see the documentation rewritten. It does read a bit "technically," and I also find myself at times stumbling over some of the phrasing.

I wonder: is the writer a native German thinker? Or was the documentation translated from the German? (I don’t want to make too big a deal of this, by the way. I’ve seen far less competent documentation written by native English speakers!)


You’re right, the writer is a native German thinker (me), but the next version of the documentation will be counter-edited by a native English speaker.

We know it’s a little bit technical and lacks screenshots, we will address this issue over time in one of the forthcoming versions of DEVONthink. We also want to add a chapter with examples about what to use DEVONthink for. It’s all already there, it has just to be done.


Hallo Eric,

jetzt kann ich ja auch in deutsch antworten :slight_smile: als native german speaker.

Wenn jemand anders die englische Dokumentation macht, kannst du dann nicht (endlich) die deutsche machen?!

Und genau wie meine Vorredner es auch meinen, nicht so technisch, sondern noch mehr an der Praxis orientiert. Zusätzlich müssen einzelne Begriffe wie Konkordanz oder Replizieren genauer erklärt werden.

Gruß und Dank

What I would like to see is more examples how how it can be used.

And I really like the new outline mode.