Better error message for no-permission file

Today, my mac’s File Sharing set one of my file’s permission to Read & Write only, and its owner to a random user (rw- — --- randomUser). Not realizing that, I tried to drag the file to DEVONthink’s encrypted database, and it complains “6:59:43 PM: /Volumes/EncryptedDrive Insufficient disk space to import file.”.

Got confused, I tried to drag it to a normal database, it complains: “7:00:34 PM: ~/Downloads/NoPermission.pdf Failed”. This is not useful either. After rebooting my computer multiple times and restart DEVONthink several times, I finally started to check what is wrong with the file and found the issue.

Is it possible for DEVONthink to display a more accurate error message in this case? Not a bug per se, but I think it would be nice.

The first error message could also be correct if the document doesn’t fit in the database. Encrypted DBs have a fixed size, unencrypted ones grow as needed

True. I should have specified that my Encrypted database is only 3% used and the file is less than 0.01% of the size of the total size.