Better handling of dragged text or new items in lists

It is a great feature, that I simply can select some text in the preview pane and drag it to the list to create a new text entry with the first paragraph as name. The only handicap ist, that I can only drop it onto a group and the new text entry will be created always at the bottom of this group. After that it needs an additional drag to the right place within the group. Unless I’ve overlooked something there is no possibility to drag the selected text directly to its final position between the other entries. Is it possible to add this (at least as an option)? I miss this option almost every hour working with DTP (and found no way to “fix” it via AppleScript).

The same issue occurs when creating a new text (cmd-opt-crtl-N). It’s always at the end of the list and needs a manual drag after creation. I would like to select an entry and get the new text (or whatever) right below it.


What column is key for the ordering? What happens if you add the Creation Date column and order it from new to old as a workaround? By default if no column is key for ordering it is ordered alphabetically.

Hello Annard,

thanks for your suggestions.

The list is unordered because the entries represent scenes or snippets that follow a logical order. So sorting according to creation date is no solution for me.

I do a lot of outlining and thinking by dragging things around. This works fine with DTP if you work with existing items. Only when creating new entries (either from scratch or by dragging some selected text somewhere) DTP contradicts my workflow by forcing me to do a unnecessary additional move.
I can live with this for now (I have to :wink:, but I hope that this will be changed with some update …