Better icon support

Hi, I’m using Devonthink 2.0 beta3, and have been impressed with the new interface enhancements. My suggestion is to provide better custom icon support… aesthetics go a long way and a picture is worth a thousand words, especially once you have >50 folders!

Here’s what I think would be great to add in by release:

  1. Proper support for custom icon resizing. AFAIK when I replace an icon using “show info” it only copies one tiff (the hi-res one) from an icon file, even if I’m using an “.icns” file containing multiple icon sizes. This makes the icon look bad when switching to a view where a small icon is used. I noticed that the default icons do properly resize (using 16x16, 32x32, etc properly) so hopefully this isn’t a difficult problem to address.

  2. Support for default icons for new folders, or changing icons for multiple folders, e.g. support for batch-changing icons when hitting “show info” on multiple icons.

Thanks for reading!

I too would love to see this, along with support for larger icon sides in the sidebar, I love coverflow mode and would like to make the teeny tiny icons a bit bigger and bolder.

I’ve replaced several folder icons with other icons and in general am pleased with the results, though I had to be careful in the selection and the file format of the replacement icon. Though, as noted, it would be very nice to be able to adjust the size of the icons in the side menus…even if that met my current choice of icons don’t look quite as nice as I think in a larger view. :slight_smile:

As it stands now, you cannot use the excellent icon manager, Candybar, with DT. Using Candybar would definitely be a wishlist item.

Yes, oh yes! This is my number one wish right now for DTP 2. It’s so visually dull right now. Allowing bigger icons and custom icons would solve this.