Better integration with Mellel

I want ask to the DT User community about a better integration with Mellel, the word processor by Redlers

As a mellel-user, i definitely second that…

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yes yes yes. But I’ve banged this drum hard before :slight_smile:

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YES! An emphatic vote for Mellel integration.

answer 4): yes I use Mellel but I do not really need closer integration.

However, whilst I do not see an immediate advantage for myself, I certainly would not object to closer integration. But I am more interested in a way to import bibliographic metadata automatically.

bibliographic metadata from the web? or from a bib. manager?

I think would be very useful to import files from Mellel directly, as from MS Word …


I could be wrong, but I don’t think, if integration comes, it will be the same as Word integration. I think Mellel files will be viewable and indexed in DT, but not editable in the same way Word files are. but I’m wrong often so…

All I’m looking for is a way to write in Mellel and have the text indexed into DEVONthink. My option now is to take it out of Mellel format and save it in some other file format: Word, RTF, or PDF. This creates a problem when I want to go back and edit the file: instead of a straight save, I need to save in the secondary format and then re-import into DEVONthink.

I’m not holding my breath for DEVONthink to ever edit Mellel files. And that’s OK with me. I’d be happy with PDF-level integration (ie, index but don’t edit).

My writing style is to move from yellow legal pads to Mellel, so I can use the best damn footnoting system available anywhere in the world. Ideally, I could take my notes, drafts, and finished writing from Mellel and toss it straight into DEVONthink. Until then, I export, fall behind, and curse my laziness.

I do not currently use Mellel


if DevonThink Pro could work with Mellel files…

in such a way that I could index, find & read them in DevonThink…

and I could click something in DevonThink and the file would open in Mellel…

and I could edit the file and the changes would automagically show up in DevonThink…

and there was some way to put wikilinks in the Mellel files that DevonThink would understand…

I’d buy Mellel in an instant if not sooner.

DevonThink really, truly deeply needs a better word processor than the rtf editor.
The rtf editor just does not cut it. I need the text formatted with every intention of it being printed on paper.


I think this is in the pipeline, that has certainly been the hint from Mellel. But I wouldn’t expect the wikilinks.