Better Outliner

After thoroughly trying out DEVONthink Pro and several competitors, I just registered DEVONthink Pro (Infoworker’s Pro Bundle, actually).

I love DEVONthink Pro, but it really needs better outlining capabilities. The TextEdit/RTF engine outlining capabilities are terribly basic, and really don’t work very well.

I’d love for DEVONthink Pro to either support LinkBack (at least as a LinkBack client) so that I can use my preferred outliner (OmniOutliner Pro) which will support be a LinkBack server in a future version (its a LinkBack client now), or provide more robust outlining capabilities natively.

I think lots of DT users will agree with you :slight_smile:

A poll about LinkBack support has been open a few weeks ago, it’s here.

I started that poll. Hehe! :slight_smile:

Then you really want Linkback support :wink: