Better recognizability of a document

Not that important … when a document is selected, it is easily recognizable (blue). But when the cursor is in the text, the document is hardly recognizable. Is there a setting where I can change this? Thank you.

There is no setting to control this.
If you are using the Accessibility setting to increase contrast, disabling it makes the shades more distinct.

Disabling alternating row colors in Preferences > General > Appearance might be an option.

Thanks both!

“Disabling alternating row” yes, that’s how I do it now. But disabling this function also has disadvantages. You don’t see any way to make this clearer in a future version?

Right now DEVONthink just uses the standard appearance for lists (e.g. like in the Finder) for consistency.

Ok, as I said, not that important for me.