Better RSS Support

Very impressed with DT so far, but would add my name to those asking for more RSS support/focus in future editions. Even after a memory upgrade (4GB now), the RSS reader is so slow as to effectively render the laptop useless while it updates feeds. Many would suggest using NetNewsWire for RSS reading, but that workflow would necessitate selecting which (out of hundreds) DT folder to assign every single clip coming across from NNW…

I should be able to have all my feeds in DT, categorized in the same folders as the archived material on the same topic, thereby eliminating the need to select folders/tags for each item, or move them across from NNW. Thanks.

As DEVONthink Pro 2 is file-based, the speed of the drive is in this case more important as a lot of files/folders have to be created/updated/read. However, v2.0.3 will improve the feed handling.