Better sync for indexed folder

I set up my reference manager to change filename automatically when I attach a given pdf to a bibliographic reference. As a result the pdf filename needs to be refresed in DT, and I am searching for a way to automate the process. Here are the manual solutions I tried:

  • Updating index items: does not work, makes the new pdf disappear, requiring a new click on the indexed folder in DT.
  • Clicking a different folder and then reclicking the indexed folder works, but this is tedious.

Is there a script that changes filenames in DT as soon as they are modified in the Finder?

Hi. I index the top level folder and anything changed within the sub folders gets updated in DT exactly as you described when tapping on the group name.That seems like a pretty easy way to keep everything up to date.

I’m interested in what this pdf is and why you want to change the name in the first place. Perhaps changing the name is actually unnecessary.

There are two reasons for changing the filename: To macht the way they are organized and located in my reference manager, and to match their LaTeX key. So the three instances (DT, reference manager, research writing) all begin with “AuthorYear”.

I see. Well, I suppose everyone has a system, and if yours involves name changes of files for use in multiple apps, then it makes sense. I don’t see any reason why DT couldn’t be revised to automatically recognize name changes without having to manually update the index (with the update command or with the change of focus groups). However, I don’t know what implications this would have for other workflows. Personally, it would save me a bit of trouble, though I have to admit that the current system is working pretty well for me right now.