Better tagging organisation coming to DEVONthink?


Just wondering if there are plans to improve the tagging features in DEVONthink. In particular I would like to see a tag cloud implemented, something like in Ammonite, where I can select one tag and see all the other tags that are used with this tag in my documents, and then select and deselect these other tags to see different combinations. Also, it would be great to be able to see all the tags used in a particular group (i.e. a group that is excluded from tagging).



Ammonite does what you’re looking for. Quite well in its latest release. Why not use it?

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Sure, I will use it in the interim, but I’m hoping that DEVONthink will build in this functionality. Other than the obvious user-friendliness of having everything in one application, it is not possible in Ammonite to get a list of tags for a particular group, and there is not a window to see the content of documents. You can use Quicklook, but you have to close this and then select another document and reopen it to see the content of another document, rather than just moving up and down the documents and seeing the content as you go.

+1 or more exactly +10. Or to put it another way, here’s to hoping that the tags functionality in devonthink sees some further refining, it’s very rough right now.

+50 from my side!
more comments see here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12505&p=59936#p59936

Would like to also request better tagging feature.

Yes, the current implementation of tags feels kinda… lacking. I would love for it to be improved (and I’m willing to beta-test if it comes to that) :smiley: