Better text controls (RTF)


pictures tell more than words. Is there a way to give DT better text editing features? I always have to use Textedit as the external application.






Like what - what’s “better” in your examples?

Like more direct access to colors and styles. Many things are currently only reachable through the pull down menus or separate windows (like colors). I know that that’s how OS X intends to work, but time has moved on and the interface DT presents feels a bit too aged in this regard. I think that Evernote made some wise choices regarding what formatting options they should offers for inline editing.

Why not Command-B, Command-I, Command-U and Command-Shift-C instead of having to push a button??


Take the colors:

  1. Select
  2. Click the color button
  3. Select the color


  1. Select
  2. Press CMD-Shift-C
  3. Select the pens or whatever mode you like.
  4. Select the color
  5. Press CMD-Shift-C

Take the fonts:

  1. Select
  2. Click the font button
  3. Select the font


  1. Select
  2. Press CMD-T
  3. Switch to all fonts
  4. Now scroll to the desired font name. You don’t get a preview, instead you have to click on each font name and then look at your text, to see if that’s the desired font.
  5. Press CMD-T

Take the font size:

  1. Select
  2. Click the size button
  3. Select the size


  1. Select
  2. Press CMD-T
  3. Select the font site. Or use the scroller, which, for me, scrolls in the wrong direction. Or type the desired size in.
  4. Press CMD-T

See what I mean?

Having used OS/2 for several years, where you had color palettes and used drag and drop everywhere, also to set the colors of text or even window borders and window titles, I know that it’s nice to have a system default which works everywhere. But I also know that other ways to do it may work better or faster for some people. Take Textedit, where I can do most things directly from the toolbar (like described above). And if I prefer it, I can also use the default palettes of OS X. Which I sometimes do for specific features which the toolbar does not offer, like typing in hex values for colors.